Cover Shot: Rook Security

At the end of the winter (doesn’t that sound wonderful?), Paul made pictures for an Indianapolis company, Rook Security. Here, J.J. Thompson, Rook’s CEO (right) poses with CloudOne’s Jim Goldman for a magazine cover: InfoSecurity Professional. The bank vault door illustrates the sense of security they hope to convey to clients who entrust them with protecting their data.
Paul has already blogged about the challenges of working in this very office with its moody lighting (see that article here).
The amazing meeting room is sleek and industrial—actually the inside of the bank vault. The transparent dry-erase board is amped up with a blue glow of its own, and a combination of overhead cans and under-table lighting complete the work space.
However cool the environment, though, photographs of people in dark rooms are not always flattering or even clear. Paul needed to use his own lights to allow the people to show up nicely; but his lighting cancelled out the blue glow of the work board.
Rook Security Meeting Room
So then some Photoshop magic was necessary to combine two images—the people looking good in one image (above), and the moody blue room by itself in another (not pictured). The two get together for a striking final product.
Rook Security Blue Room
Have a challenging work space that you’d like to have photographed? There are people out there who love to play with lights and solve puzzles. Get in touch!

Client Work: Careerable

These portraits of Katie Lindahl Smith were taken at the vibrant offices of Trendy Minds, downtown on Market Street. Katie is a career development coach, serving Indianapolis through her own business called Careerable. (Visit her blog for some truly inspired articles.)

Katie in Office

The space is clean and bright, but at the same time, warm and full of little details of interest.

Katie w client

Katie is great to photograph, and is radiant with passion for her work and her interactions with people.

Katie with Client

Getting the light in an office just right is sometimes a puzzle. Finding a solution is often the key to a great looking photo in your own space. Paul combines the existing office light with tricks of his own, drawing from his years of experience playing and working with lighting.


Indianapolis Client Work: Converge Street

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who will take off their coats in the biting Polar Vortex, and those who make portraits of the coatless ones.

Paul met with Sean Sullivan, owner of Converge Street, a digital marketing company. They chilled out together on Indianapolis’ Monument Circle. Sean was cheerful and unfazed. Paul gritted his teeth and pretended to be cheerful and unfazed. The result was, in my opinion, some really cool pictures on the Circle. Paul had an enjoyable challenge to blend his own lighting with the ambient evening light.

Now that temperatures are rising, Paul’s schedule will be filling up with other unique outdoor photo shoots. Have a favorite public space, or an interesting place of business to use as a backdrop? You don’t have to be out in the cold.

Sean with lights of North Meridian Street in the background

Sean in b&w at Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Sean on Monument Circle, Indianapolis

Sean on Monument Circle, Indianapolis

At Soldiers and Sailors Monument Indianapolis

At Soldiers and Sailors Monument Indianapolis

Client Work: Productive Leap

Naomi here, writing for Paul today.

Here’s one of our favorite people, Chris Yates.
Paul met with him last year and played in Fountain Square, downtown Indianapolis.


They took some wonderful portraits that show off a lot about Chris’s personality. I see several of the things I like most about him in these expressions and settings: the unique sense of style Chris has for himself, his no-nonsense professionalism, and his yes-nonsense attitude of fun and spontaneity. I think Paul and Chris worked well together building this set of portraits.


Chris offers strategic consulting through Productive Leap, and works full time through SmarterHQ, combining all those qualities I mentioned above.




Paul offers fantastic corporate and brand photography sessions—in his studio, the workplace, or your choice of Indianapolis sites that help represent you.




Client Work: Rook Security

Recently I paid a visit to Rook Security at their offices in a repurposed bank here in downtown Indianapolis. They needed new portraits of their employees and location photography for their new website.

I love when clients have ideas for unique portraits and Rook had a great one. In their conference room (which is in the bank’s vault) they have a see-through lit-up dry erase board onto which they drew up a cool-looking flowchart for me to use as a backdrop.

I do like a challenge, and doing portraits in a nearly pitch black bank vault using a dimly-lit dry erase board as a backdrop certainly qualifies. In the end I wound up lighting the board myself with a small speedlight, and since it was so dark I couldn’t even focus, I used the modeling light of an extra studio strobe to add some extra light to my subjects.

Here’s a few of the portraits:

And here are a few of the location shots:

Client Work: Roundpeg

I recently spent some (more) time with my good friends over at Roundpeg making some new pictures. I really do love making these sorts of portraits; there’s honestly not much of a technical challenge to these, but we have such a great time chatting and having fun that I always have a great time.





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