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Client Sessions: Business Portraits and Professional Headshots

I have enjoyed working with multiple individuals through my partnership with Creative Quarterback, a marketing company that serves entrepreneurs and small businesses. They brought me in to take professional headshots, website stock-style photos and work environment business portraits for Katie Smith. She is a career development coach and head of her own company Careerable.

We held two photoshoot sessions with Katie, one indoors to capture the office-business feel for her website, and the second outdoors for her sunny professional headshots.

Our indoors location was Trendy Minds’ office in Downtown Indianapolis. Katie works largely with younger professionals, those looking to rebuild and focus their career, so she wanted a hip, cool vibe for her website photos. Trendy Minds was the perfect fit with its updated, modern-tech spaces. Our goals were to create shots that could be used as background images for her website, as well as professional portraits to capture the face of her company.

Business portraits and professional headshots | Katie w client

Standard headshot photos, where the subject stands straight-on in front of the camera looking into the shot, with a plain, one-toned backdrop behind them, was not the look we were going for here. We wanted a natural, candid set of portraits that had the sense of capturing her life on the job, as if we had just met her at the office in the middle of a work day.

Business portraits and professional headshots | Katie at computer Business portraits and professional headshots | Katie with Client

The outside portraits presented a challenge as the sun was up and shining brightly. I found a great location around Fountain Square in Downtown Indianapolis, and though sunlight provides a good base, I brought my own gear to create optimum lighting. Full sunlight creates harsh shadows on subjects, a challenge I am familiar with. I knew I had to either find shade to work with or create some of my own; fortunately the restaurant we met at had a patio umbrella that worked perfectly.

professional headshots and business photography | katie outside

All Katie’s professional business photos, both inside and out, look bright and clean, a result of carefully choosing locations for the best backdrops, helping the subjects become comfortable around the camera, and using both natural and artificial light to its fullest potential.

Business portraits and professional headshots | Katie in Office

Working with Katie was fun. She has a great smile and is very natural in front of the camera, which makes for excellent posed pictures. Katie had some nice things to say about our photoshoot. “Paul never makes one feel awkward in front of the camera. He works with his subjects so that they’re comfortable, and asks for feedback along the way to make sure he’s getting the types of shots they want. His turnaround with the photos is always quick as well.” Thanks Katie.

It can be easy to focus on the backdrop or the effects, but the true stars I want to put front and center in business photography are the people behind the company. If you need anything from simple business portraits to unique brand photography, I am comfortable taking portraits in the field or the studio. You can contact me here.

Is It Time for a LinkedIn Professional Headshot?

How important is a professional LinkedIn headshot? To answer that question you must ask yourself why you have a LinkedIn account. Is it to build your personal brand, generate leads, advance your career, or all of the above? If so, a professional headshot could make the difference between being taken seriously, being ignored, or worse.

What Message Do You Want to Send?

A professional headshot photographer can help you define and present the image that best fits your purposes on LinkedIn. Whether you want to appear serious, business-like yet fun and a bit quirky, trustworthy, or confident, a professional business photographer can capture that essence. But first, you need to know who you want to reach.

Who is Your Target Audience?     

If you’re looking to advance your career your target audience may be an industry, or it could be HR specialists or influencers within the industry. If your purpose is lead generation, consider who is your customer. Is it B2B (Business to Business) B2C (Business to Consumer) or NFP (Not for Profit)? Are you looking for vendors or providers? Do you want to reach potential business partners and interested parties? Regardless of your target audience, a professional headshot photographer can help you reach your intended audience.

But what if you already have a LinkedIn profile image? How do you know it’s time to change it out?

The Top Ten Reasons You Need a New Headshot

No Smile

And not only no smile but awkward expressions. Let’s face it; not everyone is a professional model. Many, if not most folks are self-conscious in front of the lens. A professional photographer knows how to put people at ease to get the best shot possible.

Old and Outdated

A few years ago, before giving a presentation, an audience member approached me and said, “You don’t look anything like your headshot.” I politely laughed. He said, “It’s not funny.” He was right. I updated my headshot (Yes, I used a pro). If your professional portrait is past its prime, regardless of how much you like it, consider what people think when they meet you face-to-face. Whether it’s for a job interview or a sales call, an old photo that poorly represents you isn’t a good place to start.

Glamour Shot

There may be a place for glamour shots on LinkedIn, but I can’t think of it. LinkedIn is a professional network. Glamour shots are for the boudoir, not the boardroom.

A  Group Photo

LinkedIn should be about you, not your team. Your cohorts can be found on your company’s LinkedIn page, not yours.

Let There Be Light!

Poor lighting can ruin the best of shots. A professional photographer knows how to use light appropriately for headshots. Don’t be left in the dark.


Selfies are popular. People like selfies. Selfies are great on Snapchat and Instagram but LinkedIn? The key word here is professional. Selfies aren’t professional; LinkedIn is.

Using the Wrong Professional Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer, child portrait specialist, or a photojournalist to take a professional headshot might be a mistake. All of these disciplines take special skills and years of practice, but as good as a wedding photographer might be at that specialty, it doesn’t mean that experience translates to business photography.


When a face doesn’t fill the screen what fills it? When other images and backgrounds dominate a business shot, the message can be lost. In a professional business headshot, the face should dominate the screen.

Inappropriate Attire

Even if you wear branded company apparel every single day at the office, LinkedIn might not be the place to show it. A professional business photographer can help you determine what clothing will best reach your audience.

No Photo

If your LinkedIn profile image is an egg, it’s time to scramble it. Have you put off uploading a profile image because you were uncertain about the image, or didn’t know which photo to use? If so, get off your bottom, call a pro, and let them advise you. You won’t regret it.

How Important is a Professional Headshot?

I’ve heard people say a headshot doesn’t make all that much difference. Really? When a professional business headshot positively influences a potential customer, an HR manager, or an industry influencer how important does a professional shot become?

Take a look at your LinkedIn headshot and ask yourself if any of the ten points fit your image. If so, isn’t it time you were “headed” our way?  If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

randy-clark-professional headshotsRandy Clark is the Director of Communications at TKO Graphix, where he blogs for TKO Graphix Brandwire.  Randy is passionate about social media, leadership development, and flower gardening. He is a beer geek and on weekends he can be found fronting the Rock & Roll band Under The Radar. He is the proud father of two educators, has four amazing grand children, and a public-speaking wife. His twitter handle is @randyclarktko, and you can find him on Facebook – RandyClarkTKO, and LinkedIn –   Randy Clark.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Client Highlight: Professional Headshots and Work Environment Photography

I have lived in the Indianapolis area for a long time, and have enjoyed working within our city’s growing tech industry. Todd Richardson, a notable leader in the Indy business community, needed professional headshots and work environment portraits for his business website and social media presence. Creative Quarterback, a marketing company, was rebuilding his website, and they brought me in to photograph Todd.

I have known Todd for years, personally and professionally. Todd has a warm personality and fun approach to his work, and he often partners with hip, young companies. To reflect his friendly persona, Creative Quarterback chose The Speak Easy, a co-working space in Broad Ripple for the photoshoot. With its unique décor and open set-up, The Speak Easy was the perfect “corporate-yet-casual” environment to capture Todd at work.

Professional Headshots and Work Environment Photography | Paul D'Andrea

Creative Quarterback set our agenda for the photoshoot, as they needed specific images for Todd’s website pages. We worked together to create photographs that not only showed Todd in action, but also incorporated the feel of his brand—that open, friendly warmth that pervades his person. For any headshot or business photography project, I always choose a backdrop that will convey the qualities of the company. If I were to take photos for a financial institution, I would likely choose a clean backdrop, perhaps stonework, that portrays confidence and strength. For Todd, I chose backdrops within The Speak Easy that had warm colors and interesting details, allowing the space to offer an impression of him personally.

Professional Headshots and Work Environment Photography | Paul D'Andrea

The challenges of working in an environment rather than a studio revolve around lighting—I have to incorporate the existing lighting with my own gear to create illumination that is flattering to my subject. How light falls across the face can either hide features you don’t want, like wrinkles, or it can accentuate them. Natural light from windows and other good sources can be hard to come by outside of a studio, so I usually make my own lighting to add to what is already there. My end goal is to create photographs that are well lit, but don’t look artificially bright. In this project, the lights of the Speak Easy lend to the warm colors and feeling of the photos.

Professional Headshots and Work Environment Photography | Paul D'Andrea

I have worked with Todd on many occasions, and he had some nice things to say about me, which I very much appreciate. “I have known Paul for many years, as both a photographer and a technologist. In both roles, he was detail-oriented, focused on providing a high-quality output, and incredibly easy to get along with. I have used Paul’s services on dozens of occasions over the years. Without fail, I can count on Paul to be reliable, easy to work with, insistent on a quality product, and creative in his approach. Whether for work or personal, I know I can trust Paul to deliver what I need when I need it.” Thanks Todd.

Representing Todd and his brand took the right location, equipment, teamwork and attention to detail. The result is a stock of professional headshots that capture personality as well as subject. If you need anything from simple business portraits to unique brand photography, I am comfortable taking portraits in the field or the studio. You can contact me here.

Client Work: Todd Richardson

Over the last year Paul has worked twice with Todd Richardson: meeting for professional and family portraits, and also at a fun summer event for family and friends.

The first session was working with Creative Quarterback to help Todd rebuild the site for his consulting firm, Cadence Consulting.

TR with Client

They wanted to find a warm, hip location for the professional portraits, and the Speak Easy in Broad Ripple fit nicely. It’s possibly the coolest co-working space in Indy.

TR in Meeting

While they were already planning to be with Todd for professional photos, he thought it would be fun to bring the family out for some photos with them all together. Twisted House on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center is the backdrop for this portrait of Todd and his lovely wife. Paul mostly focuses his efforts on corporate portraits, but some variety adds interest to his work, and the Art Center is a great place to find it.

TR Family Photo

Richardson Family

Some people don’t like to mention the number of years they’ve attained, but it sure is fun to celebrate those milestone birthdays, especially with rock bands and a huge crowd of your best friends. This summer day was perfect for Todd’s celebration, and a great way for Paul to play as well.
Todd at Party


Richardson Party

Client Work: The Oaks Academy

Oaks 1

Summer is winding down, and school is gearing up. Here’s an Indianapolis school Paul has worked with recently—The Oaks Academy. Oaks offers high quality classical education to a diverse population downtown. Paul enjoyed getting to photograph the classrooms and some of the students last school year. These young kids love posing for a camera, so there was a challenge to be as unobtrusive as possible. Once the kids could forget there was a photographer in the room, Paul could get photos that show what really goes on in the classroom!

Here’s what Nathan Hand, Director of Advancement at Oaks, said about their photography needs:

“We’re a growing organization that is looking to ramp up the quality of our marketing in the coming years.  In preparation for a new website, marketing materials and an upcoming campaign, we asked Paul to spend a day capturing the life of our school. In a short visit, he understood and snapped pictures of our essence – giving us a full stock image catalog for our upcoming needs.  Now we have hundreds of our own beautiful shots that we can be proud of and use in any medium.  Paul’s the newest extension of our team – and a welcomed addition!”

We appreciate Nathan’s generous words, and encourage you to consider whether your business could benefit from a stock image catalog of its own.

Oaks 3 Oaks 6