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Babies are so cute.

Babies are so cute.
Babies are so cute.,
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Spring is by far my favorite season.  As the garden and trees wake up after winter I wake up with them.  I love time spent outside looking close at the world popping to life.

Real close.  I don’t want to miss any of it, and the macro world is so fascinating.  You don’t have to look hard to find incredible subjects.

I don’t own a real macro lens, I get by though with an old manual Hanimar 55mm 1.7 handed down from my dad.  I mount this lens reversed to my camera in two ways, one, mounted to the body with a knock-off BR-2A that I got off eBay.

The second is to use two Cokin P adapters (one 67mm and one 52mm) face-to-face, so that the end of my 70-300VR attaches to the end of the 55mm 1.7.  Like this.

For lighting I’ve done all sorts of things.  One is to use the cut out side of a milk jug rubber-banded to the lens to diffuse the popup flash (and to make it relatively large).  Another it to use a flash bracket flipped over and crooked, so the flash is upside down and firing from the side.

For the photo on this post I first set up a shoot through umbrella to provide shade from the harsh sun.  This wasn’t giving me enough light to get any depth of field at all so I set up two flashes on a bracket, shooting through the umbrella, set at 1/2 power each.

Because I stopped down to get a better depth of field I shot at ISO800.  For stability I held the hours-old mantis on my hand, rested the lens on my arm and rocked it back and forth (ever so slightly) for focus.

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