Paul D'Andrea Photography

Beyond the Sunset

A few weeks back someone commented on this image that Indiana must be as gorgeous as her friend says. Without really thinking about it I replied that gorgeous is everywhere.

Thinking through all this it occurred to me that the only reason sunsets and flowers are beautiful is because we all agree that they’re beautiful. There’s nothing inherently more beautiful in a flower, compared to a doorknob. It’s just that we decide that we like the shape and color and texture of a flower more.

One of the benefits of shooting every day has been in increasing the sensitivity for interesting things; and now that I’m thinking of beauty as something that is implied I see it everywhere.

What a gift, photography. That I’m as captivated by a doorknob as I am by a sunset. I live in a fascinating world.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.


  • Kris

    July 27, 2009

    Your posting reminded me of this scene in American Beauty. I love that movie because it's a reminder of finding beauty in imperfection and the obscure, much like your photography.

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