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Corporate Blogging for Dummies – Author Photos

Been a while since I’ve posted here. I’m going to see if I can catch up with what I’ve been working on in a few posts. We’ll see how it goes.

A little while back Doug Karr asked for some new photos for the release of his and Chantelle Flannery’s book Corporate Blogging for Dummies. I’ve made photos for Doug in the past, but he now works in a very cool office space downtown, each of the tenants gets an office and the common areas, like a large conference room, are shared.

Each floor has a different motif, one is small town main street, complete with red awnings and fire hydrants, another is set up for law offices, with dark wood and black polished marble. Doug’s floor is the most unique. It’s… industrial modern? There are exposed and winding ventilation tubes and angled metal studs with clear corrugated plexiglass walls. Visually interesting, I had a tough time picking one spot to set up.

These photos were a challenge, Doug and Chantelle were great to work with but the conference room was like a fun house, all mirrors and brushed aluminum. It took some work to find angles where my lights weren’t showing up in the shiny background.

To keep myself from growing stale I usually don’t like to visit the same place twice, unless I need to keep a consistent look for a client, but Doug’s conference room was a large enough challenge that I’d like to go back and try again sometime.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.


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