Paul D'Andrea Photography

Finding my voice

Like many growing photographers I was for quite a while struggling to find my voice; although I didn’t think of it as a voice at the time, I was “looking for a project”.

I had, and have, the understanding that I was working on at least two fronts: the technical and the expressive.  While I didn’t really know what it was I wanted to say, for a project I wanted to tell a story that was more than what I could say in a single frame.  I knew that I had a good ways to go technically, both in the field with my equipment and back post processing the images, so while I thought about things to say I practiced.

I look at a lot of images.  I follow quite a few people on Flickr and a good few blogs.  I often see work that I found intriguing and think to maybe go in that direction.  I’d think about this while quietly walking in the yard, absentmindedly taking in, and sometimes photographing, the world.  I’d think about maybe photographing steaming coffee in coffee shops like Cinnamon while looking at leaves.

It’s funny how the painfully obvious can go unnoticed.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.