Paul D'Andrea Photography

First Post!

I think I’d like to try the blog-as-a-website thing for We (my wife and I) had a blog going for a while documenting the (very slow) progress we were making on our fixer-upper house. I’m not sure if I’d say that blog is dead but we haven’t updated it in quite a few months.

I have the same fears for this one. Before I pulled the trigger however I started writing my thoughts on photography just to see if I would keep it up. I think I have enough content for at least a few weeks, maybe a month if I stretch it out.

I really am passionate about photography. I think about it a lot, and writing down my thoughts helps to clarify them. Why not share them with everyone else? There’s lots of people out there now with shiny new cameras and not the first clue where to start. Maybe I can help out some. Not just with equipment though.

I think a lot about the why of photography. It’s really gripped me to the core, I’m surprised by it. I’d like to share this enthusiasm and maybe encourage others to delve more into photography, not just points and clicks but really thoughtful photography. We’ll see how it goes.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.