Flickr Meetup this Evening

I’m really late in getting this out here, but we’re having a Flickr meetup at the Indianapolis Museum of Art this evening. 6PM, we’re meeting at the Love sculpture. This is open to everyone, Flickr users or not (and your families). :)

We usually just wander and make pictures at these meetups, but this time those of us who are interested plan to work on portraiture a bit.

I’m thinking of heading over a little early to walk around inside the IMA. I’ve been enjoying a new iPhone app called Art, it’s a simple art gallery application with 400+ famous works. I’ve been wanting to start learning a bit about art history and this application has really helped fuel that fire.

I’m especially impressed with Caravaggio. The light in his portraits have really given me something to think about.

Anyway, I’m hoping to be there a bit early to enjoy some of the art there myself. Come out to the meetup if you’re available, we always have a great time.