Paul D'Andrea Photography

Happy Holidays!

Say Cheese!

I hope everyone’s having a great holiday and gets a chance to relax a bit. This is some needed time off for me and I’m enjoying it.

I had in mind that I wanted to spend a good bit of time with my camera and I’ve had plenty. I just have to keep on top of the post processing or I’ll be sunk. :)

I’ve been thinking a lot again about how photography is like playing an instrument. With enough work you can get to the point where you just sort of riff without really having to struggle. Like an accomplished pianist can just sit down and play, I’m at the point where I can just make photographs that I’m pretty happy with. There’s *plenty* of room to grow, of course, but I think I’ve gotten to the point where basic composition is second nature and have taken enough bad photos to recognize the ones that aren’t going to work before I trip the shutter.

Anyways, here’s hoping this finds everyone well and relaxed; with enough time to get out and play a little.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.