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Trusting myself to see.

When out at a photo meetup I often feel pressured to perform.  Everyone’s out finding their shots and the game is on.  It always seems that these times are the toughest, creatively.  When I’m on my own and relaxed I don’t seem to have too much trouble seeing.  The same holds true even in crowded places, as long as there aren’t many other photographers.  It’s the times when I’m with a group of us, all quietly clicking away.

A few weeks ago when downtown with some other photographer friends I got to thinking about this and decided I needed to stop worrying.  I pull shots out of nowhere when I’m on my own, why should it be any different when with other photographers.  I needed to trust that the same eye and intuition that gets me shots in my yard is the same eye downtown, or at the circus, or the dance theatre…

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.


  • Richard Haber

    September 10, 2009

    An interesting observation which hits close to home. This weekend, I spent several days out shooting with other photographers. Some guy named Paul who was visiting New Jersey and my longtime friend Fred who was also visiting New Jersey.

    I noticed that when I went off by myself, I had a clear mind and could concentrate on what I was looking at and was able to decide if I saw anything that I wanted to photograph or interpret. When we were together, I was looking at what the others were shooting and was distracted by my attempts to find something more interesting.

    Your post reinforces the need to follow one’s own vision…be influenced and guided by others, perhaps, but make your own photographs.

  • Tonya

    September 25, 2009

    This post reminds me of something my husband observed: That if you watch a movie with someone else, you ultimately will see some of it through that person’s eyes, not your own.

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