It’s out there… somwhere…

Ange says she got her issue in the mail just recently. Hopefully I’ll be able to find one in a store sometime soon.

She also had some really nice things to say here. She’s right, great friends are absolutely everything.

Noami and I are so content to be homebodies. We’ve been in Indianapolis for a little over ten years now and it’s taken us a very long time to build deep friendships; mostly because we really enjoy just staying at home. Where we live now adds to it, with four acres it’s like we have our own park. (We really need to BBQ at our place more often. Who’s interested?)

A fantastic unanticipated benefit of my photography has been all the great people I’ve met this last year. I’m continually impressed by the people at the Photo Venture Camera Club. Friendly, knowledgeable, sincere.

I also have really had a great time with the Indianpolis Flickr Meetup Club. Like the camera club, great people that I am very happy to now call friends.

It’s tough to step out of our shells. Inertia works both ways though: you have to push against it to get moving but once you do it takes far less effort to keep it going. The great thing is it’s much easier to find the drive to dive in when it’s for something you love.

And Ange, ‘taint nothing, really. :)