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Links for the Photo Venture lighting talk

The talk went well last night. I went over the basic equipment again then looked at a few images, talking about how they were done and my thoughts behind the lighting. There were a good few questions about equipment and I said that I’d make a post here with links to the equipment I use and where to buy it.

First off, here are two posts from a while back, one with a good list of useful links, and another to a chart describing different ways to trigger an off camera flash.

Now, for the equipment I use, I thought about starting a list, but remembered that the first few posts on David Hobby’s site cover this really well, so check out these here:
Lighting 101 intro
Light Stands
Super Clamps – I have the lumoPro clamps, this one and this one.
Umbrella Adapters
Umbrellas (Be sure to read this one too.)
Gels, snoot and gobos

I can keep going. Really, the Lighting 101 section is all great stuff. If anyone has questions feel free to ask here or send me an email.

And where I buy it? Robert’s Imaging, B&H, Adorama, or Midwest Photo Exchange. All are great sites with fantastic service.

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