More Flash Talk


We get lots of visitors at the camera club, and I’m often introduced as “Paul, the flash guy”. As someone who strives for creativity I prickle at being so… defined.

I guess, though, this could be a good thing. Seth Godin this morning writes about “the” being the best middle name ever. In photography we’ve got lots of these, Adams The Landscape Guy and Cartier-Bresson of the Decisive Moment.

So, among my small group of good friends at the club, I’ll be the flash guy.

And so, with this in mind, I’d like to invite everyone out on Thursday, January 29th to the camera club. I’ll be speaking again on small flash lighting. This time it’ll be more hands on. The plan is to do improv portraits, working with small flashes to set a mood and tone for the images.

All are welcome, check out the club’s new site for details.

This portrait here is of my good friend Scott. The lighting is a single SB-800 shot through a white satin umbrella.