Paul D'Andrea Photography

More Modern Dance

Not writing much, but photographing quite a bit. A few months back while surfing through some other photographers websites it struck home, how really hard photography is. Every time I think I’m beginning to understand how big the pool is I realize it’s a pond, or a lake, or an ocean.

I had been working at it pretty consistently for almost two years, and improving, but it seemed like I still had so far to go before I was communicating visually in the way other photographers were. Again, I got to comparing photography to playing an instrument, and thought about how hard a concert pianist works at their craft.

I remember wondering as a child, how someone could spend eight hours a day practicing the piano. I understand where that passion comes from now.

So I’ve redoubled my efforts. In the past two months I’ve had my camera with me almost always and make a point of photographing every day. Certainly not for eight hours, and some days it’s only for the dogs’ evening walk, but I’m making images. I’m also using my iPhone camera more with apps like Camera Bag (if you’re going lo-fi, why not really go all the way. ;) )

I’ve really seen a difference, and my style is really starting to come through. It’s been a fantastic exercise.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.