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Performance Art

Looking for lunch

I’m still thinking quite a bit about photography and how similar it is to playing an instrument. The other day the thought occurred to me that photography really could be considered performance art. At least, the capturing of the image part is. It’s all about what goes on when you’re behind the camera.

The post processing is like… cooking maybe. A bit of this and a dash of that, to refine (or maybe totally re-envision) what you captured in the field.

But when you’re capturing the images, that’s performance. Like Jazz, there’s rhyme and reason, but room to move and stretch and express.

Again, I think it’s so important to learn the elements of graphic design and then just play over them. Not keep and break rules, but real…. expression. Get down to living and feeling and experiencing and capture that. These things are so much deeper than worrying about rules.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.