Paul D'Andrea Photography

Photography Lessons…

I can hear angels singing...You’ve got a nice new DSLR and find it a little overwhelming? I’ve started offering private photography lessons, $40 per hour. We’ll meet someplace in Indy, like a coffee shop downtown, talk for a while about photography and then, weather permitting, head out for a walk to try everything you’ve learned. If time permits we can even sit down after the walk for some (gentle) critiques. We can cover all sorts of topics, all the technical details of your equipment and photography in general and on to softer topics like composition and creativity.

Down the road I’d like to start teaching group classes. I enjoy teaching just about as much as I enjoy photography itself. I need to find a suitable venue though, someplace with a nice meeting room and then grounds to get out shooting.

Till then, if you’re interested in private lessons, send me an email or give me a call.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.