Radio Silence

Trouble Brewing

The blog here is back after being offline for a bit. Google’s bots marked it as spam. Go figure. I debated when I started this blog between using something like WordPress that I would have hosted or this, Google’s Blogger. I went with Blogger because I had little enough time as it was without donning the Blog Administrator hat. I just wanted to post photos and thoughts and let them worry about the pipes.

Ah well. We’re back and hopefully now that the blog has been reviewed by a human and marked as ligit we’ll stay that way. :)

So, fun with Photoshop again. I’ve said here before that I really enjoy how roomy photography is. So large that I can circle around: portraits, macros, lighting, post processing fun in Photoshop… I get an idea or a bug for one thing or another, dive into that for a while, then jump on to the next idea or thing to learn.

I’ve been finding that I’m far less frustrated creatively now that I’ve been at this seriously for a while. When you build a good solid set of skills you can really get to creating and beyond fighting with the tools. Practice and play are so essential.

Click through the image to Flickr for some notes on the work I did for this image.