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I really liked the look of this grass but my first photos weren’t very interesting. I looked closer, and thought that the red grains were really what caught my eye. I could only get so close with the lenses I had with me, but think this photo works nonetheless.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.


  • rbh

    July 30, 2008


    I like the way the little bright reds really force the eye to look at the stalks to resolve what is happening here. The out of focus background lends mystery to the image and I find myself peering at the red grains trying to get closer into them.

    Thanks for posting again, where’ve you been?

    The image on the blog is small, and I had to go to Flickr to see it.

  • Paul D'Andrea

    July 31, 2008

    Thanks for looking, rbh. I love the detail as well. I wonder what I would have done had I a real macro lens. Would the idea of wanting to show the red grains have worked better if I’d been able to get in close?

    As it is I think the fact that the tiny grains are red makes them stand out enough that you want to lean in for a closer look. I think the mystery would be gone if they were easier to see outright.

    Where’ve I been… I find that learning is cyclical. I go through bouts when my sight and confidence are relatively settled… Wait. I think this is worth making into it’s own post. Standby. :)

    And about the small image. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to make photo posts. One is to make a post right from Flickr. This is convenient, but as you can see posts the image here in a pretty small size. I don’t like this, really. I’m going to go back to posting the image from blogger with an embedded image to Flickr.

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