Paul D'Andrea Photography

Sea Legs

Feeling shaky this last week. Went out for a walk everything felt… forced. Get back and go through the photos and they all seem pretty uninspired. The funny thing is, I can see that these are photos that I would be happy with four months ago.

I’m beginning to see a pattern here. As I look at photos and read about photography and listen to podcasts about photography and hang out with photographers my eye keeps progressing. I acquire new ways of seeing and thinking and capturing the world around me. The trouble is that have haven’t developed the skills to match these new ways.

I think it is very often I’m not even consciously aware of this progression. It’s just that things don’t feel right. Without knowing it my vision has leapt ahead and things that were fine before bug me now.

In the past I would often take breaks during these dry times. I’m beginning to think that maybe this is exactly the wrong time to put down the camera. If it really is my skill that’s lacking then it’s best to try to identify where the disconnect lies and then to work it in.

We’ll see. This time I’m pushing through.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.