Small Flash Lighting talk for Photoventure Camera Club

Enough about that Coyote photo. (For now. :)

Thursday May 29th, 7:30PM at the Indianapolis Art Center I’ll be giving a talk to the (very excellent) Photo Venture Camera Club on small flash “strobist” style lighting. There is no fee for attending the Thursday night club meetings.

I’ll be talking a little about what you’ll need to get started (flashes, triggers, stands, and light modifiers). A bit about theory (hard vs. soft light, the inverse square law, and angles of incidence (sort of the spirit of these things though, no math, I promise :) ). Examples to give you some ideas for how to put it all to use; and then hopefully some time for Q&A.

I won’t be able to go into real depth in an hour and change, but I should be able to get people started.

Hope to see you all there!