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Sunday was a great day for lessons

ConnectionsI met good friend Doug and his daughter Katie downtown for some photography lessons on Sunday. We met at South Bend Chocolate Factory and spoke about photography basics for about 45 minutes. We covered the odds and ends of exposure, focal lengths, white balance, and the basics of composition.

Katie and I then took a walk around the circle, photographing as we went, while Doug stayed behind and checked in on work. I had a really great time. No better way to keep fresh than to teach.

Having a fresh perspective is always an asset in photography; there’s nothing worse than a jaded eye. A phrase from a photography podcast I listened to last week really struck home. It was something like, “Good photography comes in paying attention to unnoticed things.” When we feel that we’ve been there before, that we’re pros now, we start missing great photographic moments.

This, it seems, is the trick. Keep a fresh perspective and eye but apply to it the weight of experience.

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