Paul D'Andrea Photography

Taking Shape

Some images are the culmination of the practicing of ideas; this image here is what comes out of months of practice seeing.  All that time spent at home noticing; setting aside the ideas of what a good image is and letting the world speak for itself.

But some images really hit home not because they’re exactly what I had in mind, but because they’re ideas that are finally beginning to solidify.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about lighting, and making it more controlled and (often) more subtle.

This has been one of the instances where equipment has gotten in the way.  I’ve been using radio triggers for my speedlights for a while now, and one of the frustrations has been that I can’t control their power from the camera.  I often settle for rough lighting, a bit too hot or a hair light that’s not showing .  I can’t bare to ask my subject to hang on any longer and just go with it.

I recently purchased an SU-800, something of  a luxury item, never required because I can always get away with what I had.  Like my D300 compared to the D70, I really like how the SU-800 helps get the equipment out of the way.  Less fiddling means more creating.

Better equipment doesn’t make better photographs, but what I’ve really liked about the upgrade to professional level gear is watching the line between me and the images I want to make blur.  Less fiddling, less fighting, and less fumbling.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.


  • Linda Graves

    May 8, 2010

    Just love your photography! I love pictures anyway – like to look at them in detail for some odd reason. Your are is just wonderful. It was good to meet you at First Friday yesterday – thanks for sharing your iPad with mother and me.

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