Paul D'Andrea Photography

Indianapolis Client Work: Converge Street

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who will take off their coats in the biting Polar Vortex, and those who make portraits of the coatless ones.

Paul met with Sean Sullivan, owner of Converge Street, a digital marketing company. They chilled out together on Indianapolis’ Monument Circle. Sean was cheerful and unfazed. Paul gritted his teeth and pretended to be cheerful and unfazed. The result was, in my opinion, some really cool pictures on the Circle. Paul had an enjoyable challenge to blend his own lighting with the ambient evening light.

Now that temperatures are rising, Paul’s schedule will be filling up with other unique outdoor photo shoots. Have a favorite public space, or an interesting place of business to use as a backdrop? You don’t have to be out in the cold.

Sean with lights of North Meridian Street in the background

Sean in b&w at Soldiers and Sailors Monument

Sean on Monument Circle, Indianapolis

Sean on Monument Circle, Indianapolis

At Soldiers and Sailors Monument Indianapolis

At Soldiers and Sailors Monument Indianapolis


  • Randy Clark

    March 20, 2015

    Nice work. The post and the photos. Neither leaves me “out in the cold.”

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