Paul D'Andrea Photography

Colors Artist’s Statement

Here it is, after a bit of deliberation and editing, the artist’s statement for Colors:

Being part of the photographic community, I strive to bring new work and ideas to our collective body of images. As I consider new projects to take on I often discard ideas that have been covered by other photographers. Just as I try to distinguish my nature work, I am striving to do studio work that is my own. Working to make my own images, or in the case of this project, collaborating with others to make unique and compelling images that bear our own thumbprints.

This project finds its birth in that struggle. Initially started as an idea to bring something original to fashion photography, I was inspired to switch after helping photographer friend Steve Brokaw with a shoot of his own that used body painting. As a collaborative project it has been a delight to work with such talented individuals. To have others take up an idea and buy in as fully as I do is deeply gratifying.

So enjoy this lighthearted work of a photographer, and friends, trying to find a new way, their way, to make work that is beautiful and compelling.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.