Client work: TinderBox

A couple months back I did some portraits for local startup TinderBox. Their offices are located in the same building as The Speak Easy, in Broad Ripple.

I’m always on the lookout for good backdrops for portraits, and The Speak Easy is chock full of great candidates. For this session we started with some casual group portraits and then moved to one of the old wooden walls for some portraits. Here are a few of the keepers:





Baby Reptiles at Eagle Creek

My daughters volunteer at Eagle Creek’s Earth Discovery Center, they go weekly to help clean cages and feed critters. I joined them today and got to hold a baby box turtle and baby black rat snakes. I even fed the baby snakes mouse tails (yeah, gross but still amazing to see).

I had my D600 with me, a hot shoe flash, and a 105 macro. I lucked out with ceilings that were low enough to bounce light from, and bumped up the ISO so the flash wouldn’t have to work as hard. The D600 has stellar ISO performance, so at 800 there is no noise at all (I pushed the feature image a bit further in Photoshop than the others, so it’s got some grain in the flat out of focus areas, the other images are amazingly clean).

Here’s a few from the afternoon:

The snakes wouldn’t just eat the tails, so we had to sort of roll the tail along the jaw to pry the mouth open, then push it (gently) in. Once begun the snakes worked away till the whole tail was gone.



Effie’s new hat

Been  a while since I’ve posted a picture of Effie. She’s mostly doing well, she’s looking good except for a bald patch and a scratch on her chin. Hopefully it’s just small wound from a scuffle and not the start of mange.

The Fray at Victory Field

I photographed ExactTarget‘s Connections conference this week. One of the events was a private concert of The Fray at Victory Field. You couldn’t ask for a cooler backdrop here in Indy, so I worked at getting an image of the stage, the skyline, and the weather (the rain held off just long enough for the concert, perfect timing).

Noticing – July 3, 2012

This isn’t quite found photography, and I’m sharing more than one image, but instead of a walk this morning I hung out with writer friend Nicole and her foster puppy Penny. Nicole asked me to help with some photography to help get the word out for Penny’s search for a  new home. Not only is Penny photogenic, she’s also a great little dog.

Interested in a new friend? Let me know and I can put you in touch with Nicole.

Studio Time

It’s been great to be able to find some time for some studio work lately. Last weekend I was able to make a new image in a motion project I’ve been working on. The result is the image attached to this post. I’ve got more ideas for this, a boxer, a baseball player, dancer, golfer… There are so many possibilities, mostly the challenge will be finding the people to fill in the spots. I’ve got a boxer, but the others will take some searching for.

I was also able to work with a new model for me, Sarah. I got to play with some ideas I’ve had for the thin plastic backdrop that I play with so often. This time I folded it into a strip and hung it from the ceiling. Firing a studio light through it was I able to use it as a light and a backdrop. I’ve got some of those images up on Flickr.

It’s looking like the fall might be pretty busy, so it’s nice to work on some personal projects while I’ve got the chance. As always, thoughts and questions are welcome.

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