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Client Work: Rook Security

Recently I paid a visit to Rook Security at their offices in a repurposed bank here in downtown Indianapolis. They needed new portraits of their employees and location photography for their new website.

I love when clients have ideas for unique portraits and Rook had a great one. In their conference room (which is in the bank’s vault) they have a see-through lit-up dry erase board onto which they drew up a cool-looking flowchart for me to use as a backdrop.

I do like a challenge, and doing portraits in a nearly pitch black bank vault using a dimly-lit dry erase board as a backdrop certainly qualifies. In the end I wound up lighting the board myself with a small speedlight, and since it was so dark I couldn’t even focus, I used the modeling light of an extra studio strobe to add some extra light to my subjects.

Here’s a few of the portraits:

And here are a few of the location shots:

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