Paul D'Andrea Photography

Eagle Creek Cat Tails

There are moments that are about movement, that are lost with a still image. A leaf rhythmically swaying in the wind, like a metronome keeping time. The swirl of foam at a lake’s edge…

I haven’t done much with video, mostly because the cameras I had been using didn’t have the ability to capture video. I’d never remember to grab the Flip camcorder, or if I had I’d forget to use it. Last week I picked up a Nikon D600, so, no more excuses.

Carmen and I went for a walk on the west side of Eagle Creek this weekend. I put the new camera to work while Carmen played with cat tails. The challenge, both with still and moving images, is to capture what it is that first amazed you. Here it was the fuzz exploding in the wind. I think I can do better next time, but this was a good start.

Eagle Creek Cat Tails from Paul D’Andrea on Vimeo.

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