Noticing: November 12, 2012

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted one of these; some habits are so fragile.

I had an incredibly busy October and just couldn’t keep posting semi-daily like I was, and with the weather turning colder my resolve to pick it up again just wasn’t there. I’ve started playing with some new ideas, so I don’t think I’ll be doing these regularly. I will, of course, attempt to keep the blog updated with my visual goings on.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Eagle Creek Cat Tails

There are moments that are about movement, that are lost with a still image. A leaf rhythmically swaying in the wind, like a metronome keeping time. The swirl of foam at a lake’s edge…

I haven’t done much with video, mostly because the cameras I had been using didn’t have the ability to capture video. I’d never remember to grab the Flip camcorder, or if I had I’d forget to use it. Last week I picked up a Nikon D600, so, no more excuses.

Carmen and I went for a walk on the west side of Eagle Creek this weekend. I put the new camera to work while Carmen played with cat tails. The challenge, both with still and moving images, is to capture what it is that first amazed you. Here it was the fuzz exploding in the wind. I think I can do better next time, but this was a good start.

Eagle Creek Cat Tails from Paul D’Andrea on Vimeo.

Veterans Day 2012

I picked up a D600 this week, and spent some time downtown yesterday putting the new camera through its paces. I have to live with new equipment when I get it, familiarizing myself with it enough that it gets out of the way. So far, the D600 is an incredibly capable camera.

Good friend and photographer Andy Chen was with me, and we walked in with the crowds gathered for the Veterans Day celebration. While we weren’t planning on attending, I’m glad I was there. The service was moving and it was easy to get caught up in the excitement and pride of the vets and their families.

Sincere thanks to all the vets who’ve served to build and protect this great nation.

Noticing: October 13, 2012 – Sharp and shallow

Here’s an image from a nature walk today. For this one I wanted a nice shallow depth of field, but I also wanted the leaf to be nice and sharp. Even the best lenses aren’t their sharpest wide open, so I used a bit of photoshop magic and two images.

When I made the two exposures I held the camera steady and shot one at 2.8 and one at f/4. In Photoshop I dropped the f/4 image onto the 2.8 image, erased everything but the leaf and used a mask to fine-tune the edge. Best of both worlds, sharp leaf and shallow depth of field.

Noticing: October 11, 2012 – More Effie

I had a good walk this afternoon and made some nature images, but couldn’t resist also making a few more snaps of Effie. Her fur is a little matted in this one, she just got done eating some avocado, she just can’t get enough of it. I also took a minute to record a clip of her playing with the kids.

Noticing: October 10, 2012 – Images from the EcoLab

I did get out for a little walk today, but haven’t had a chance to work on those images. Here’s two from a morning walk at the Marian University EcoLab a couple weeks back.

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