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A Photographer’s Cooking Class

Many of us have at some time prepared a meal by following a recipe. A pinch of salt, a pinch of tarragon, crushed basil… We add the ingredients without really knowing what it is that they bring to the dish. Do this enough though, and you start to get a feel for how each of these ingredients work together. Eventually you’re preparing meals without recipes, even original dishes.

There are classes that teach recipes, so that, when done, you can replicate exactly what was shown. I’ve been planning to teach for a while now, but I want to help make chefs instead of short order cooks. I want to break down the recipes into the ingredients, so that the photographers who attend my classes can make their own work and say their own things.

My plan is to offer a two hour class on the third or fourth Monday evening of every month at M10. I’m going to limit the classes to 15 attendees and they’ll cost $40.  Subjects will include basic lighting equipment, using light modifiers for motivated lighting, basic portraits, embracing technology for creative portraits, using gels, basic composition, emotion and color theory, working in projects, finding your voice…

Through these classes I’d like to progress from the craft of equipment and technique to non-technical (and in my opinion, more exciting) subjects of vision and voice. The first class, though, will start with the basics: Lighting for beginners. I’ll mostly be covering equipment with this one: speedlights and studio strobes, triggering options, grip equipment like stands and brackets, and a little bit on modifiers. We’ll also have time at the end for a basic demonstration and some Q and A.

This first class will be April 22nd from 7 to 9 PM. Questions? Want to sign up? Send me an email at!

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.


  • elaine woodward

    April 4, 2013

    Extreme Novice but would like to learn the art of photography . My greatest achievement would be to just take a decent picture.
    What would one need to attend the class

  • Sharon Chrust

    April 21, 2013

    Hi Paul! I would love to take this class. Monday evenings are bad for me; are you doing any other times? Emily Schwank told me about these and I’d love them!!

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