Paul D'Andrea Photography

Cooking Class: Understanding Light

As the main ingredient in our images, understanding and controlling light is critical. Light can certainly be difficult to understand, though. In the studio, a strobe fires in a fraction of a second, often not enough time to register what your light actually looks like on a subject.

For the second Cooking Class we’ll work at taking the mystery out of light. We’ll start with a discussion on the ways to describe light and its qualities, things like color, intensity, and quality; we’ll talk about specularity and the inverse square law, a little on dealing with reflections… We’ll then move on to a few demonstrations to help fully grasp these ideas. In the studio we’ll make hard and soft light, play with specular highlights, color, reflections, and using light distance to control its “depth of field”.  Finally, we’ll put these ideas to practical use by making some portraits.

Understanding Light will be held on Monday, May 20th from 7PM to 9PM at the M10 studio downtown and cost $40. Want to attend? Send an email to and I’ll put you on the list!

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