Paul D'Andrea Photography

An Unfortunate Requirement

I find that creativity comes most when I’m moving.  Or… around when I’m moving, in the (few) quiet moments tucked into the busy times.

Part of being busy is problem solving: I’m out in the world, thrown into situations where I need to make pictures and tell stories in all sorts of situations.  What am I trying to say and how should I say it?  How am I going to light this, where’s a good backdrop, what sort of person is this?  Where can I go that I haven’t been before?  Holy crap it’s dark in here, backlit, black ceilings, crowded…

If creativity is the snapping together of ideas, then being busy is what generates new ones; like adding to my bag of Legos, and it’s often in the quiet moments that these new pieces come together.

So, it’s often the busy times that generate the ideas, and the quiet moments that snap them together, but then there’s absolutely no time to work on any of it.

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.