Paul D'Andrea Photography

Going Dark

I’ve observed this pattern in myself for a while now, but haven’t thought of a good way to describe it: My public and private time is cyclical. I often “go dark” for a period, avoiding the public internet and quietly working away. Then, after a bit, I feel compelled to share.

Thinking again about this I was struck with what could be a useful metaphor: That my quiet time and public time are like sowing and reaping. I work quietly to plant the seeds of an idea, and when I create something new I want to share the fruits of the work.

I had some time off during the holidays, and spent a good bit of it learning Adobe After Effects. While working on what became the Noticing Project, there were moments I wanted to capture that would be lost in a still image. A leaf, shaking rhythmically in the breeze, or caught, spiraling, in the flow of the stream. Video, massaged and stitched together with After Effects, will allow me to tell these little quiet stories of movement.

There’s nothing to show of this, just yet, but it also serves as a handy excuse for being quiet here so often. ;)

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.