Paul D'Andrea Photography

Noticing – August 29, 2012

Another portrait today. This is from a visit to the studio by the crew from HCC Medical Insurance Services. We started off with some solid portraits then had some fun making some group shots.

Technical info: I used a huge 7′ Westcott Octabank for the main light, high camera right with an SB800 into a silver umbrella for fill. (I need to use something else for fill on these group shots, maybe a softbox, I sometimes get a little flair from the small strobe, since the head is pointing at the camera.) I’ve also got to Elinchrom D-Lites on the backdrop behind two bifold doors I use like v-flats. This image is actually¬†¬†a combination of two images, I did a little bit of head swapping to get all the best smiles. :)

Commercial photographer in Indianapolis, IN.