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Professional Portrait by Paul D'Andrea

Tell Your Brand Story Through Professional Headshots and Brand Imagery

One of the reasons why I love what I do so much is my belief in the power of storytelling through pictures. As a photographer specializing in professional headshots and brand imagery, I feel like it is my job to capture my clients’ personalities on camera. Whether it is a single headshot of one person, or event photos or environmental images, I take the time to understand the goal for the shoot and the story we are trying to tell.

Duane Law is the owner of Exact IT Consulting, located here in Indianapolis. He was looking for headshots and marketing imagery for their website and other advertising spaces. It was important to him to capture both the company’s culture and expertise. We took editorial-style headshots and environmental images to achieve this goal.

Photo by Paul D'Andrea

When I come into an organization’s workspace, I immediately start thinking about what they do and look for elements that convey that idea.  For Exact IT, it was technology. It would not have made sense to take pictures of the office furniture or décor since they are not interior designers. I found things that evoke the idea of technical expertise, such as wires, blinking lights, and cool looking technology items. The idea is to show that the organization is comfortable with these things, and therefore worthy of trusting them with your IT needs.

Professional Portrait by Paul D'Andrea

For the professional headshots, in the tech world a more casual vibe is the norm. So, we avoided suits and ties and went with the company polos, the stereotypical uniform of tech support that also has the added benefit of showing off their logo. I captured employees sitting at their desks, smiling at the camera or more candid shots of them enjoying their work.

Photo by Paul D'Andrea

Exact IT now has the beginnings of a stock library for their marketing needs, as well as updated headshots that highlight the supportive nature of their company culture.

Duane was kind enough to share his thoughts on our work together:

“We love having pictures of our space to showcase on the website, on social media and in our marketing materials. It helps humanize the brand and put faces to our company. Paul was professional, experienced and fun to work with”

Thanks, Duane!

If you are looking to tell your company’s brand story through your own imagery, you can contact me here.

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