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Different Kinds of Headshots for Different Uses

Headshots seem straight forward – “You sit me down and take my picture, right?” My clients are often surprised when I ask them the type of image they are looking for. What many people do not realize is that there are different kinds of headshots for different uses. The variety you choose should be based upon your goals. Click here to read more about the different kinds of headshots. Below, I offer the reasons why I would choose one over the other:

Photo by Paul D'Andrea

Classic Headshots

I typically suggest this type of image when I am shooting for a business with a lot of employees. The simple background I use makes replicating the images for brand consistency much easier. As employees are added to the team, I can take headshots that look like the rest of the company at any time of the year. Click here to see an example of classic headshots.

Professional Headshots and Work Environment Photography | Paul D'Andrea

Environmental Headshots

Some clients are looking to offer a glimpse into their personalities through their business portraits. Here is where environmental headshots shine. The focus is still on the person, but we take the images in scenes that provide context. For example, I take outdoor shots of the owner of a landscaping company with the background slightly out of focus to highlight the subject. Or, the head of a financial institution with the logo or building behind him/her. Environmental headshots make the individual the central theme while telling more of a story. Click here to see an example of environmental headshots.

Professional Headshot by Paul D'Andrea

Editorial Headshots

Technically not headshots, these images are more about telling the story of a business rather than just one person. They provide a taste of company culture. I usually shoot in their space, sometimes with many people in the image or just one person surrounded by the things that show what the company does. The problem with editorial headshots is that they are not as easily reproduced later. I can be limited by the time of year, interior design changes, etc. Click here to see an example of editorial headshots.

So How do You Choose?

I help my clients decide which version of headshot to go with by asking them how they plan to use the image and the kind of story they want to tell. If they only need to show the faces of who their clients will be working with, then classic headshots can work. If they are looking to create blog content about their employees working in their manufacturing plant, an editorial headshot may be best. Social media profile pictures or if they plan to feature the expertise of one person, an environmental or classic could work.

Regardless of your need, I can help you choose from the different kinds of headshots to ensure you achieve your goal. Contact me here for more information.

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