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Professional Headshot by Paul D'Andrea

Using Editorial Photography in Professional Headshots

The Financial Advisors of Knall/Cohen/Pence Group, an Indianapolis branch of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc, were looking for updated professional headshots for their new website and sales tools. COO Phil Bounsall shared the organization’s goals for the shots: “We wanted every employee on the website so our clients can easily see who they are working with and have quick access to their contact info. We also use the images in our informational presentation for prospects.”

Professional Headshot by Paul D'Andrea

Capturing the personality of the organization was important to KCP. They have an office with interesting art and architectural features that were perfect as a background. I took the employees in groups of 3-4 and placed them in different spots around the office. I also used different poses, with some people standing, some sitting, so with their arms crossed, etc. We even did some with people not looking straight into the camera for a more candid feel. This variety helps liven up the look of the marketing tools in which the images will be used.

Professional Headshot by Paul D'Andrea

Using the environment to provide deeper clues to the viewer about the subject of the image is called editorial photography. We took this idea even further with the partners of KCP. Each member of the leadership team has a distinct personality or interest that is reflected in his office. They wanted to capture those unique attributes in their professional headshots, so we made sure to place each person in his space. For example, one partner is a voracious reader, so we took his picture next to his pile of current reading material. Another person is into art, so we placed him near a piece of his collection. The environment helps further the story within the image, adding more interest to these professional headshots. As Phil told me, “We want people to leave our website with a feeling of knowing and trusting our team, so we were looking to show a glimpse into who we are through the pictures.”

Phil was also kind enough to share a few words about his experience with me: “This session was the second time I have worked with Paul, and each time I found him to be flexible, creative, and comforting. He gets the best out of everybody and offers a very good experience.”

Thanks, Phil! If you are looking to take your professional headshots to another level, consider using editorial photography. I’m here to help. You can contact me here.

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